Definitely. We are constantly looking out for people who are passionate about their ideas. We have an idea package which can be completely customized. The package includes:

  • Subject Matter Expert from your business domain to vet the meat and merit of your idea via business visioning exercise
  • Business mentor to discuss and guide you regarding the business viability
  • HR mentor- suggest the ideal team members that you will have to bring on board
  • Guidelines for investor deck & business planning for funding your idea

konektUP has a vetted and qualified partner eco system for all of the business services. Based on the requirement, size of the team and other factors, an outsourced monthly retainer model will be recommended. You can also opt for a per transaction model if the requirement is not on monthly basis.

We are truly a one stop HUB of business services. Our services span the breadth of business requirements. You save time and in turn increase your productivity wrt other critical services required for your company. As our tag-line says we help you “Mind your ‘core’ business”.

Definitely. Our business services is being served outside of India as well through our strong network of partner eco system. However, some services which are very geography specific is not handled by us.

Welcome to konketUP partner eco system.  We follow a process of  stringent qualifier before we onboard any partner.  We have a legally vetted non-negotiable SLA (service level agreement) to be signed before we start the partnership.  The working modalities should reflect all the clauses/T’s & C’s per the contract.

Welcome to konektUP. We can help you with our plethora of services. At your stage of the company, you would typically require help in Market research, Digital Marketing, Legal, Finance, IT and HR to name a few. We will also help you in connecting to the right Angel Investors or VC firms depending on the funding requirements, domain and other deciding factors.

Yes. Support for funding requirements of our clients is one of our CORE business vertical.  We can bring different clientele & domain segments for you to invest. We can have a detail discussion to understand the domains, risk appetite and how much you are looking to invest. We will then connect you to our clients accordingly.

Congratulations on your company’s journey so far. Team konektUP will help you hone your business deck and the financial model. If required, we bring subject matter experts on board to further strengthen the business model. Once the deck is finalized, konektUP will identify the right Investor and VC firms. We will also personally have a discussion with them and talk about you. We will then schedule a call / meeting and help in taking your journey forward.

Yes, we can certainly help you. We work extensively with Investors and VC firms, who have vast portfolios. Apart from that, konektUP also has a wide network of firms which we can connect you to. Please reach out to us.

No, we are not an incubator.  konektUP imparts suite of business services & expert help required to bootstrap & scale your company. However, we have strategic tie-ups with incubators and we can help you find the right incubator based on your budget and requirement.

We have subject matter experts who are empaneled with us as domain consultants. These experts are from across the industry like healthcare, food & beverage, technology, retail, manufacturing etc. We also have experts from functional domains like HR, Legal, Finance, Marketing etc.

HR is our flagship vertical and we offer a breadth and depth of services under this umbrella. We have ready-to-use HR kits, individual HR dockets for different process/policies and we also have customized and configurable tools for employee retention. We also take up all consulting engagements in the area of HR. Our main focus is on right talent hiring, building a scalable HR system and successful retention.

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