Pause & Play

Pause & Play

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“ Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato.

Pheww!!!! Finally, kick-starting my blog journey!  Well, you need to start somewhere, isn’t it? Thanks to few friends and colleagues who encouraged me to pen down my thoughts about things close to my heart.  I thought the best way to attempt my first blog is to relate to what I love the most – MUSIC!  My first love being music, I thought it will be good to share my current journey as a second time entrepreneur relating to functions of a musical player (Play, pause, rewind, forward, stop, delete) & promote rhythmic thinking 🙂

Music to many of us is a natural healing process regardless of the state of mind.  Very true in my case! Can we imagine long commutes within Bangalore if not for non-stop radio mirchi/FM & some soul touching songs by Arijit singh?  These are undoubtedly saving grace during torturous commute clogged with traffic.

During one of those long commute to client site, I played few songs very close to my heart from the Arijit & ilayaraja collection and rewound few songs that charged me up with its beat & sheer peppiness. While I thoroughly enjoyed, I noticed that my driver was showing signs of boredom since he would have been happy playing chiranjeevi songs (which aren’t bad either).  In these long drives, most time I end up thinking, introspecting while the music is being played in the background.

What dawned on me during one such drive is to adopt simple musical mantra’s as operating rhythm when posed with a challenge or a situation be it on personal/work front.  This blog is focused more on how the functions of musical player can be successfully adopted at work to compose a melodious note.

PLAY – always play to your strengths.  The moment you accept core strengths and acknowledge limitations, it will naturally result in the desired outcome.  Play your responsibilities with positivity and undying passion. And, don’t forget to re-play what has/had always worked for you in the past.  Play the game of business/work professionally, practically and most importantly play fair.

PAUSE – haven’t heard of anybody who hasn’t been posed with a challenge. We all often tend to react, get stressed and even take impulsive decision/s when posed with a challenging situation/circumstance be it relationship/partnership/business deals/conflicts etc.  Practicing the art of ‘PAUSE’ helps to reflect, introspect & take the calmer, rationale path instead of a hasty/irrational route.

REWIND – in the spree of things and unending time-critical deliverable &  stress, we seldom make time to reminisce good times. Its nice to rewind to acknowledge key contributions & appreciate good collaborations which helped achieve significant milestones in the past while you have marched forward with newer teams/partnerships.

FORWARD – be a visionary!  Plan a viable business & execution roadmap.  Take byte size approach factoring in resource, finance & other known constraints.  It is IMPT to know how much one should fast forward considering  the limitations and accordingly set the pace & rhythm.

STOP – my limited experience as an entrepreneur in the past 6 + years now, I’ve learnt that it is essential to completely ‘STOP’ when in dilemma/deliberation Or when an IMPT decision is to be made. Trust me, this immensely helps declutter and think holistically & practically with a rationale. Downplay emotions, don pragmatism!

DELETE – the mistakes/blunders made. Ensure they aren’t repeated! Carrying bitter instances, unpleasant associations once matters/issues are closed formally or informally doesn’t help to work in a healthy mind frame. Well, you know what? It is not about right or wrong – sometimes, it is just different perspectives. Hence, treat bygones as bygones.  Accept unavoidable differences, respect different views, agree to disagree, learn from your mistakes and just MOVE ON.

While it is easier said than done, end of the day it is all about practice, being practical & hitting the right note. Isn’t it ?  Now, go listen to your favorite music & make your journey a musical one and most importantly compose a smooth operating rhythm:) .

I’ll now catch up on ‘faster than lightning’ song by one of my favorite sports icon – Usain Bolt! If you haven’t listened to this, I suggest just ‘play’, enjoy the track & make it part of your playlist.

“I need to go faster, faster than lightning, I need to go faster, work harder, keep dragging, keep dragging  until I get to the finish “ – Usain Bolt

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