YES! We can help
your business

YES! We can help
your business


Awesome! You have a business idea- that’s a great first step. And just for this, imagine being gifted a nice present with a bow tied. That’s what konekt2start is all about. We bring in a whole lot of stuff together, tie it up for you and help you get the ball rolling.

With our experience we are well adept at differentiating between necessities and luxuries at this stage of the company. We at konektUP will have a detail discussion with you and mutually decide on the bare minimum to get the business off to a wonderful start. We believe there is absolutely no point in burning time, effort and money on frivolity. Clichéd but true – a penny saved is a penny earned.

Now let us take you through the package details. And based on multiple deciding factors, we will obviously prune and customize the whole package just to suit your requirements.

Okay – so now that you settled down, nope, sorry to disappoint but as an entrepreneur you can never settle down. Ever! However, you would’ve slowly discovered that the challenges have changed and what seemed a distant future, is here and quite fast. Yes, we know all about this stage. Happy customers. Happy employees. Happy management. Ready to take on the next step of the vision ladder.

We are all too familiar with the workings of the company at this stage. The requirements are different. Challenges are complicated. Too many stake holders. Unexpected twists and turns.

Ta Da!! Here we are presenting the Konekt2Scale package – just what you need at this phase of the company. And yes, this package too can be completely customized. We totally believe in working in the partnership model with you. Needless to say, we have a large number of happy customers who have tried and tested this package.

You probably boot-strapped or borrowed from friends/family to start you dream venture. But for you to scale-up and make your venture grow, external Vitamin M becomes a necessity. konektUP, with a vast network of angel investors and partnering with VC firms, are best placed to assist you in finding that right investor that could partner in taking your venture places.

We would sit down with you, the promoters, better understand your idea and the business model. We could also assist you in bolstering your Business planning if need be, which will include developing detailed financial outlay model. Don’t have an Investor Deck – you can relax. We do that too. Armed with sound business deck of your idea venture, we will approach investors on your behalf. Aren’t you just glad that you found us!

We hand-hold startups and walk the path with you. Our value added services also include drafting contracts and vetting between investors and our clients.

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